ACCESS Maryland at UMBC

Access Maryland Process at UMBC

The community of UMBC has creativity, insight and experience that we would like to harness to develop projects that meet the needs of the campus and its constituents. As a diverse campus known for innovation, we are all invited to make a difference in accessibility for UMBC’s community and improve the campus experience of people with disabilities. One way we strive to continually improve our campus’s physical accessibility is by engaging the Access Maryland Program with capital projects generated from our entire community. More information is located on the Access Maryland Fact Sheet and Checklist.

The annual Access Maryland Accessibility Discussion is scheduled in the early Spring, though the information gathering process is continuous. Send an email to and/or to capture ideas year-round for improving physical accessibility on campus. A gentle reminder – information about an individual’s disability is confidential. Your idea should refrain from including personally identifiable details, though general references (i.e. someone in a wheelchair) are fine.