Responsible Employee

The University recognizes that some UMBC community members may be most comfortable disclosing information about an incident of Prohibited Conduct to someone they know. Many University employees have been designated as Responsible Employees.

A Responsible Employee is defined as including any UMBC community member who (1) has the authority to take action regarding Prohibited Conduct covered under this Policy; (2) is an employee who has been given the duty of reporting/referring Prohibited Conduct under this Policy; or (3) is someone another UMBC community member could reasonably believe has this authority or duty.

At UMBC, any employee who is not a confidential or quasi confidential employee is a responsible employee.

Responsible employees cannot report anonymously (unless they are reporting something that happened to them).

Responsible employees are required to immediately report and share all known details (date, time, location, names of parties involved, description of the incident, etc.), of an incident they learn about or that is disclosed to them that may be Prohibited Conduct under the Title IX Policy to the Title IX Coordinator via the confidential online reporting/ referral form.

Conduct / incidents of Prohibited Conduct should be reported even if they occurred off-campus, or before the community member enrolled in or became employed by UMBC.

Other than making a report to the Title IX Coordinator, Responsible Employees must safeguard the impacted UMBC community member’s privacy. Information must be kept confidential except as permitted by FERPA, in order to carry out the purposes of this Policy and Title IX, or if required by law (i.e., instances of possible child abuse or neglect).

Responsible Employees should try to ensure that any community member making a disclosure to a Responsible Employee, understands the employee’s reporting obligations.

Responsible Employees (Mandated Reporters)

  • Title IX Coordinator;
  • All employees the Office of Equity and Civil Rights;
  • All employees in Human Resources;
  • All employees in the Office of the General Counsel;
  • All employees in the Office of Disability and Accessibility;
  • All University Police Department employees;
  • All UMBC Administrators (President, Provost, Vice Presidents, Vice Provosts, Deans, Associate Deans, Directors,  Chairs);
  • All UMBC Supervisors (excluding Supervisory Confidential Resources);
  • All UMBC Faculty (including Adjunct and Part-time);
  • All UMBC Graduate Assistant and Teaching Assistants;
  • All UMBC Academic Advisors;
  • All UMBC Athletic Coaches (including Volunteer Coaches) and Advisors;
  • All UMBC Resident Assistants and all employees in Residence Life;
  • All UMBC First Responders (excluding First Responders who are Confidential Resources)
  • All Licensed Athletic Trainers

If you are not sure if you are a Responsible Employee, please contact ECR at