Responsible Employee Training


Responsible Employee training is a two step process – please ensure that you complete both of the below steps.

Important Note: Step 1 will first prompt you to enter your name, email, Job Title, and Organization (UMBC). You must enter these fields and click Submit. You cannot click Login as a Member as your myUMBC account will not work.

Form Entry with fields for name, email, job title, and organization, with Member Login crossed out.


Step 1 – Launch Responsible Employee Training (approximately 30 minutes)

Step 2 – Submit Certification of Training Completion via DocuSign



Yes, this training is mandatory for all individuals who are designated as a Responsible Employee under the University’s Policy on Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Harassment and Gender Discrimination.

Responsible Employees (Mandated Reporters)

  • Title IX Coordinator;
  • All employees the Office of Equity and Civil Rights;
  • All employees in Human Resources;
  • All employees in the Office of the General Counsel;
  • All employees in the Office of Disability and Accessibility;
  • All University Police Department employees;
  • All UMBC Administrators (President, Provost, Vice Presidents, Vice Provosts, Deans, Associate Deans, Directors,  Chairs);
  • All UMBC Supervisors (excluding Supervisory Confidential Resources);
  • All UMBC Faculty (including Adjunct and Part-time);
  • All UMBC Graduate Assistant and Teaching Assistants;
  • All UMBC Academic Advisors;
  • All UMBC Athletic Coaches (including Volunteer Coaches) and Advisors;
  • All UMBC Resident Assistants and all employees in Residence Life;
  • All UMBC First Responders (excluding First Responders who are Confidential Resources)
  • All Licensed Athletic Trainers

Confidential Resources

  1. Pastoral Counselors: Professional, licensed, or ordained clergy, who provide pastoral counseling to members of the UMBC community at the University, are Confidential Resources.
  2. Professional Licensed Mental Health Providers: Professional, licensed mental health providers who provide mental-health counseling to members of the UMBC community, and also those who act in roles under the supervision of a licensed counselor, through the UMBC Counseling Center (for students) and the Employee Assistance Program (for employees) are Confidential Resources.
  3. Professional Licensed Healthcare Providers: Professional, licensed healthcare providers who provide medical care to members of the UMBC community, and other health providers who act in roles under the supervision of a licensed healthcare provider, through the University’s Health Services, are Confidential Resources.
  4. Non-Licensed Counselors, Non-Licensed Healthcare Providers, and/or Staff/Advocates who work or volunteer at the Counseling Center, University Health Services, or Women’s Center.

The training should be completed by March 15, 2024, or within 60 days of being hired or promoted into the role of a Responsible Employee.

UMBC requires all Responsible Employees to complete this training annually. Given the important nature of the topics covered and the continual development in related laws and policies, we want our community to have the most current, accurate and useful information possible.

The entire training will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Upon completing the online training, you will have the ability to download a certificate of completion. Please remember to download the certificate of completion because you will need to submit the certificate to confirm completion. You will also need to complete a certification form via DocuSign to certify you completed the training and upload your certificate of completion.

Please contact the Office of Equity and Civil Rights at or 410-455-1717