What if I need medical attention?

If you are in danger or need immediate medical care – CALL 911
If possible, quickly get to a safe place.

If you have experienced any kind of sexual violence consider getting a SAFE.

What is a SAFE?

A Sexual Assault Forensic Exam (SAFE) is a medical exam performed by a trained SAFE examiner. A SAFE allows a medical professional to assess your physical health needs while also collecting and preserving evidence, and documenting injuries. All of this information is saved in case you want to report to law enforcement. The SAFE should be performed within 120 hours/5 days of the sexual violence.

Completing a SAFE does not require that a police report is filed or that a report to the University is made.

You can accept or decline any part of the SAFE and you are allowed to bring a support person with you to the exam.

How do I get a SAFE?

You are guaranteed free transportation to obtain a SAFE and a free SAFE.

Transportation to a SAFE can be arranged during normal business hours through contacting:
Office of Equity and Civil Rights –  410-455-1717
The Women’s Center – 410-455-2714
Retriever Integrated Health –  410-455-2542
For after-hours requests call:

UMBC Police 410-455-5555 *No charges/reports need to be filed with the UMBC Police to access this free transportation service.

Residential Life

Where can I get a SAFE?

Ascension Saint Agnes Hospital
(~3.6 miles from Main Campus)
900 South Caton Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21229
24/7 Emergency Department: 667-234-6000
Although Saint Agnes is the closest option, they do not have a standing SAFE program, and will have to bring in a SAFE nurse from another hospital. The wait to obtain a SAFE may be shorter at other locations.

Greater Baltimore Medical Center
(~20 miles from Main Campus)
6701 N. Charles Street
Towson, MD 21204
24/7 Emergency Department: 443-849-2225

Johns Hopkins Howard County Medical Center
(~16 miles from Main Campus)
5755 Cedar Lane Hospital
Columbia MD, 21044
Emergency Room and SAFE Program: 410-740-7778

Mercy Medical Center
(~9.4 miles from Main Campus)
345 St Paul Pl.
Baltimore, MD 21202
Forensic Nurse Examiner Program: 410-332-9494

Adventist Healthcare Shady Grove Medical Center
(~1 mile from Shady Grove)
9901 Medical Center Drive
Rockville, MD 20850
Forensic Medical Unit: 240-826-6000

What happens at a SAFE?
  • If possible, call ahead to the hospital so that the SAFE examiner can meet you in the Emergency
  • If you can, please do not bathe, douche, smoke, use the toilet, or clean the location where the
    incident occurred before you go to the exam.
  • Save items you were wearing, and any sheets or towels in a paper bag, or go to the hospital in the
    clothing worn during the assault and bring a change of clothes with you

The SAFE examiner will:

  • Collect some basic information about your medical history and spend time documenting information
    about the assault for the evidence collection kit
  • Conduct a thorough physical exam, including an internal examination, to look for injuries
    Collect and preserve evidence from the body, which may include blood, urine, hair, and oral, vaginal,
    and/or anal specimen
  • Take photos of any injuries, such as bruises, cuts, scrapes, or bite marks, and collect clothing worn
    during the assault
  • Provide medical treatment including information and/or medications to prevent sexually transmitted
  • Provide referrals for counseling, community resources, and follow-up medical care
  • You may be given prescriptions that need to be filled at a local pharmacy
  • You may be encouraged to seek follow-up medical assistance
  • Save any relevant text messages, records of phone calls, emails, pictures, notes, or gifts that could
    be used if you choose to make a report to UMBC or the police, or to obtain a protective order, should
    you choose to do so

For more information about SAFE locations visit: