UMBC Shady Grove Resources

Support for Students at the Shady Grove Campus:

Helpful and important information, including lists of resources local to the Shady Grove campus, can be found on the Universities at Shady Grove Title IX Policies web page at:

Confidential Support and Resources:

UNIVERSITIES at SHADY GROVE CENTER FOR COUNSELING & CONSULTATION: Provides comprehensive counseling, psychological, and consultative services to the students, faculty, and staff at the Universities at Shady Grove campus, BLDG III, 301-738-6273,

Non-Confidential Support and Resources:

JOHN BRANDT, USG Title IX Liaison: BLDG III-2121, 301-738-6021

UNIVERSITIES at SHADY GROVE PUBLIC SAFETY & SECURITY: 24-hour campus security and emergency response, acts as liaison with local police and UMBC Police, including protective order registration for on-campus enforcement and campus escorts, 6065 from any on-campus phone or 301-738-6065 from a cell phone or an outside line,

Additional Community Resources: