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Courses with a focus on racial justice

If you are looking for courses to add to your schedule that focus on racial justice, consider checking out the Retriever's latest post.  

Course list:

AFST 206/HIST 218: Introduction to African-American History: A Survey

ANTH 211: Cultural Anthropology

AFST 275: The Criminal Justice Process and Black Americans

ENGL/AFST 360: Studies in Black Fiction

GWST 322/MLL 322/AFST 347: Gender, Race and Media

GWST 327/AFST 354/HIST 323: African American Women’s History

HAPP 390/AFST 390: American Health Care System and the Black Community

HIST 322/AFST 353: African American History Since 1865

HIST  449 - 01: From Black Power to Black Lives Matter: The Black Freedom Struggle in the Post-Civil Rights Period 

PSYC 255/SOWK255/AFST 255: Psychology of the Black Experience in the United States

SOCY 204: Diversity and Pluralism

SOCY 310: Social Stratification and Inequality

SOCY 321: Race and Ethnic Relations

SOCY 394: Race, Social Inequality and Institutional Structure

First Year Seminar: 102 – 25: Social Justice Dialogues

Posted: June 26, 2020, 1:14 PM