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Student Title IX / Sexual Misconduct Training Assigned

Title IX Training assigned to all students

Today the Office of Equity and Inclusion (OEI) assigned new and returning students our updated Sexual Misconduct/ Title IX/ OEI training through SafeColleges.

Trigger Warning: If you have been personally affected by sexual or interpersonal violence and are concerned that you may not be able to complete the training in this format as a result of this experience, please contact Mikhel Kushner - Title IX Coordinator.

If you are experiencing sexual violence or discrimination or are being impacted by past experiences with them, you can report using OEI’sonline reporting form, you can also find information aboutRights and Resources here

The training must be completed by October 31, 2020: A registration hold may be placed on the student's account if they fail to complete the training.

Before beginning the training students are encouraged to review UMBC’s Policy on Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Harassment and Gender Discrimination, (updated August 14, 2020), as well as the Discrimination and Equal Opportunity Policy, which outline UMBC’s expectations of conduct towards members of the UMBC Community.

Questions about the policies and procedures related to sexual assault, domestic/ dating violence, sexual harassment, or stalking, should be directed to Title IX Coordinator Mikhel Kushner at Kushner@umbc.edu. If you have any questions or concerns about the policies and procedures related to discrimination and bias, please contact OEI at oei@umbc.edu

Students will receive an email with instructions about how to complete the training which can be found at:


We thank our students in advance for participating in this training which will help address harassment, assault, and discrimination on our campus and promote an environment where all members of our community can study, learn, work and play.

Posted: September 1, 2020, 2:39 PM