2020 Campus Climate Infographic Text

Quick Takeaways

  • Cohort 2020 Snapshot
    • 15 participating institutions
    • 119,000+ students invited to complete the survey
    • 20,000+ Total Survey respondents
    • 21% average response rate
  • Characteristics of Spring 2020 Cohort Institutions
    • 6 very small institutions (<4,000)
    • 3 small institutions (4,000-9,999)
    • 5 medium sized institutions (10,000-19,999)
    • 1 large institution (20,000+)

Overall Campus Climate

  • Respondent’s General Perception of Campus Climate
    • I feel safe at this school – 95%
    • I feel close to the people at this school- 77%
  • Respondent’s Perception of Faculty and Administrators
    • I think faculty are genuinely concerned about my welfare- 86%
    • I think administrators are genuinely concerned about my welfare- 70%

Experiences with Diversity and Inclusion

  • Respondent’s General Perceptions of Campus Climate
    • School leaders are visibly committed to fostering respect for diversity- 84%
    • Diversity is fully embraced within the campus culture- 78%
    • All students fell welcome and supported at this school, regardless of background- 74%
    • Diversity is reflected in student body- 77%
    • Diversity is reflected in the faculty – 72%
    • Diversity is reflected in administrators- 62%
  • Experience with Discrimination and Harassment
    • 16% of harassment or discrimination was described as being shunned, ignored or intimidated, or acted directly or indirectly toward you in an offensive of hostile manner that interfered with respondents’ ability to learn or work.
    • 14% of respondents who experienced at least ne incident of discrimination or harassment as least one time since the beginning of the current school year were asked if they formally reported the incident to the school.

Experience with Sexual Violence

  • Experienced with sexual violence- 6%
  • Sexual Violence prevention- 61% (all respondents) 80% (first year respondents)
  • Experienced with sharing and/or reporting an incident on campus – 60%
  • Knowledge and perception of campus reporting options
    • If a friend or I experience sexual violence, I would know where to go for help- 79%
    • If someone were to report and incident of sexual violence to a campus authority, the school would take the report seriously- 86%