Self-Service Social Identifiers Selection Process

Beginning in August 2020, students can log onto myUMBC and with one single process, update their name, pronouns, gender identity, and LGBTQ+ identity. This new process allows students to update their information whenever they choose without needing to present legal documentation to the University. This process is optional and voluntary.

How to update your social identifiers

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Beginning August 2022, students can log into their myUMBC profile and update their chosen middle and last names. This process is optional and voluntary.

Resources for Faculty and Staff

The diversity of UMBC’s community and our commitment to inclusive excellence are among our greatest strengths. We are committed to continuing to improve and simplify pathways for alerting the University of chosen names and pronouns that reflect this commitment to inclusive and affirming language. While we recognize that achieving inclusion is an ongoing process, we will continue to strive to make our campus a safe and welcoming environment for everyone, including transgender, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming people and other members of the LGBQ+ community.

Tips on how to keep your UMBC web presence up-to-date:

The Office of Equity and Civil Rights (ECR) is responsible for promoting and coordinating the University’s core values of inclusive excellence and equity, and has primary responsibility for managing UMBC’s efforts related to Title IX, gender identity, and sexual orientation, as well as, other civil rights issues. If you are experiencing discrimination based on your gender identity or sexual orientation you can report it using ECR’s online reporting/confidential referral form.